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icons and banners:
Harper's Island
Hayden Panettiere
Text (quotes, U2 lyrics, Veronicas lyrics)

teaser trailer:

there is adult themes, implied violence and a possibly NSFW image. You were warned.

are you ready to be a Wellington?Collapse )
cleaning out my hard drive.

25 icons + 14 banners
House, Heroes, and Supernatural (from the latest episode) and one random Watchmen banner.

teaser trailer:

**this post contains spoilers, blood and implied torture! you were warned!

you're going to have to get clever to impress meCollapse )
candy drips layout

NAME Candy Drips
THEME s2 smooth sailing
BROWSERS Safari, Firefox
RESOLUTION 1024x768+
WORK WITH ADS: not really
PREVIEWS live >> img

moreCollapse )
5 icons of Dr. Manhattan's symbol from Watchmen. My first desktop icons ever. 5 different sizes, all .png files, if you need another file type let me know.

download here

I hope you enjoy!

*Dr. Manhattan and Watchmen are © Warner Brothers and DC comics
 Apple related
 21 icons + 1 banner

once you mac you never go backCollapse )
17 icons and 6 banners

**these icons are spoilery, contain blood, violent/disturbing content and adult themes, you have been warned!

more Oskar in this one :)

you have to invite me in. what happens if I don't?Collapse )
Let The Right One In w/February calendar:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hayden Panettiere:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

eff you V-day, behind a cut for languageCollapse )

☛ credit is lovely but not required
☛ feel free to use on myspace and xanga, make flair of it on facebook, whatever
☛ if you want something customized/changed just ask!
☛ feel free to edit it yourself
☛ hotlinking should be ok since they're on tinypic BUT I encourage you to save to your own server because I can't guarantee tinypic won't delete them (they seem to offended by blood)
☛ enjoy!
Let The Right One In
24 icons + 8 banners

teaser trailer:

**these icons are spoilery, contain blood, violent/disturbing content and adult themes, you have been warned!

mostly Eli-centric, yes, but there is some Oskar in here too.

How old are you? Twelve....more or lessCollapse )

also check out my new community for the film: letherightonein
last post of 08!

small post: icons and banners, Christian Bale/The Dark Knight
lots of variations cause it wouldn't be me without them.

**these icons contain mature themes and language, you were warned!

teaser trailer:

if you're good at something, never do it for free.Collapse )
icons + banners
+Anna Paquin
+True Blood
+The Dark Knight
+Misc (Pan's Labyrinth behind the scenes, Fringe, medicine)

teaser trailer:

the world just got too weird too fastCollapse )