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Hey, anyone still here? I am going to start posting icons here again.

Sneak peek:
Christmas stock + 1 Home Alone
some animated. I'm new to animation, really, so be nice :x

teaser trailer:

the most wonderful time of the yearCollapse )
I'm on a roll lately.

25 AHS icons and 3 banners.

teaser trailer:

you're going to die in thereCollapse )
oh my god, I had to upload these and copy the url individually about 6 times because Tinypic is a bitch.

This is sort of an experiment, if it goes over well I'll make more. Remember I can make one with whatever you want on it.


teaser trailer:

I'll bet you have that Mariah song stuck in your head nowCollapse )
more Pottermore House Pride icons

teaser trailer:

again a lot of Slytherin because that's my house, but again all 4 houses are represented. Tried a new font, not sure if I like it, probably going back to the other one.

a man without ambition is deadCollapse )
"all I want for Christmas" icons coming next. I was going to group them in this post but tinypic is being a bitch.
Pottermore House Pride icons

a lot of Slytherin because that's my house, lol.

teaser trailer:

while you're here your house will be your homeCollapse )
and more coming soon!
20 Camelot icons

teaser trailer:

your undoubted kingCollapse )
10 s1 Fringe icons made for a battle with fisheye. You should go join her community, re_cycled to see hers.

teaser trailer:

why is it that when something weird happens, they call us?Collapse )
Thanks for being patient and staying with the comm, guys. I know I haven't been around much.

Icons to come soon, including:

District 9
Paranormal Activity
The Uninvited
Flash Forward

and more stuff :D
38 icons + 3 banners, images and quotes (some are animated)


**contains strong language, innuendo and partial nudity, you were warned!
**spoilery for up to 2x05!

hookah!Collapse )