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welcome to willowlights, the graphic journal of willow_diamond. I get bored. See what happens. Mostly icons, but there are banners and the occasional layout or dock icon. I'm really laid back and really don't care what you do with my graphics. I'm not gonna hunt you down if you don't credit or use it on another website. The rules guidelines are simple:
☥ credit is lovely but not required
☥ feel free to use on myspace and xanga, make flair of it on facebook, whatever
☥ if you want something customized/changed just ask!
☥ feel free to edit it yourself
☥ hotlinking should be ok since they're on tinypic BUT I encourage you to save to your own server because I can't guarantee tinypic won't delete them (they seem to have something against blood or swearing)
☥ if you find something is too big for LJ just let me know and I'll fix it asap
☥ enjoy!

warning: there will be profanity, innuendo, blood and adult themes in my icons. You were warned.

layout from cartonage.